October Field Trials (Retriever and Spaniel)

OPEN AV RETRIEVER TRIAL, Nr Ludlow October 2021

The weather was not good and we had rain all morning but it did clear up just at the end of the Trial. It made it tricky for both dogs and handlers with the birds reluctant to fly from the heavy crop of roots.

We owe a huge thanks Norman and Sandra Onens who allowed us to use their ground and to the guns and all our helpers who persisted a successful conclusion of the trial and a very worthy winner making her dog up to a FT Champion and qualifying for the Retriever Championships on the day.

Thanks to judges Keith Bellamy, Chris Brain, Glenys Caldwell and Karen McCarthy, without people willing to give so freely of their time and effort we could not run trials.

  • 1st Jo Rollinson and Bellspaddle Otto, Black Labrador, Winner of Artistry Trophy and guns choice award.
  • 2nd Lucy Mixture and Kaliture Red Pepper Golden Retriever.

The raffle raised £52 for our charity Midlands Air Ambulance.

Many thanks to our sponsors Skinners Pet foods who provide vouchers for the winners and to BASC for sponsoring our prize money.

AV NOVICE SPANIEL TRIAL, Buildwas, October 2021

This was the first trial with Paul Leeke at the helm as Spaniel Trial secretary and it all went really well. Weather was fine and dry with enough of a breeze. Thanks go to our judges Stuart Morgan and Richard Heseltine who had a full card of 16 dogs showing excellent hunting skills in woodland covered thickly in bramble and bracken. Thanks to Ted, the keeper, and the Buildwas Shoot team for allowing us on the excellent ground with an abundance of good birds. Our guns, headed up by Jeremy Organ and his team, shot well despite the trees still being in full leaf, with birds dropped on the ground for the dogs to retrieve in a timely fashion.

  • 1st MARKETGATE DARLING, ESS – Richard Wells
  • 2nd and Guns Choice GREENSPIRE MEGAMBLER JEWEL OF RIBBLEBROOK, ESS – Holly Mallabourn.
  • 3rd EBORAKON ARISTA, ESS- Owen Russel.
  • 4th WHIZNIC SHADOW, ESS – Paul Thomas
  • C.O.M ROYAL ENGINEERS LADY  – David Wilkes
  • C.O.M  POOL HOUSE POLLY – Allan Rubery Jones. 

Thanks to our sponsors “Skinners” for vouchers and to BASC for sponsoring the prize money.

Many Thanks to all the helpers who give us their time to carry game, steward, run the raffle, provide our official picker up dog and of course make lovely cakes.

The raffle which raised £52 for our charity Midland Air Ambulance

Jo Rollinson receiving her prize

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