Shropshire Gundog Society – Spaniel Working Test Report

SHROPSHIRE GUNDOG SOCIETY  Spaniel Working Tests were held near Shrewsbury on 23rd May. Thanks to the Eyton Shoot and all those who helped on the day we are very grateful.

Chief Steward and test secretary Paul Leeke kept us on track all day and Judges Steve Adams and Sarah Quinn had some very close placings. The test was run in a thick cover of white grass, it was cloudy and cool with a stiff breeze keeping the rain off until we had just finished the afternoon.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Raffle raised £72 for our chosen charity Midlands Air Ambulance. Sponsored by Skinners.


1st Eastbourne Lass – Wayne Whelan

2nd Lyndale Magic of Drumross- Adam Kerr

3rd Reanlougha Grace – David Ross

4th Jumping Jim Llynfivalley – Nathan Quinn

COM  Dakotagun Suzie Q  – Richard Sanderson

COM  Quingrave Bliss – Stephen Newitt

COM Pam Lets do Shots – Megan Ward

COM Gorgeous Gwen – Megan Ward

COM Rundas Womber Warrior – Jayne Cuthbert Brown


1st  Betleycourt Holly – David Ross

2nd Tyberius Bud – Bob Fairhurst

3rd  Eastbourne Lass – Wayne Whelan

4th  White Beam Warbler – Nathan Quinn

COM  Cresset Vera – Neil Davies

COM  Dakotagun Suzie Q – Richard Sanderson

COM  Rheastmooar Vanilla Sky – Kenny Hiley

COM  Boundarymoor Edward – Richard Sanderson

COM  Leahanie Ellsa – Neil Davies

COM  Foxyrose at Tinsonwood – Joe Pickett

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