OPEN AV RETRIEVER TRIAL, Acton Round, October 2019

The weather was the worst it could be, with torrential rain all day. We owe a huge thanks to the Shoot guns who were so stoical, the judges who persisted on to complete the trial and not least the competitors who stuck it out and we ended with a very worthy winner.

Thanks to judges Keith Bellamy, Chris Brain, Glenys Caldwell and Karen McCarty who had three dogs still standing after 3 rounds. They took the three to another drive and the winner completed a great eye-wipe to clinch the 1st place.

1st Northglen Crumble. Chocolate Lab with Stewart North. Winner of Artistry Trophy.
COM Galloway Rose April Labrador bitch with Henry Vincent Price

Many thanks to all the helpers without which we couldn’t run the day, not least, Lisa Beeston who produces the lovely home-made goody bags as gifts for our judges.

The raffle raised £62 for our charity Dog Aid.

Many thanks to our sponsors Skinners Pet foods who provide vouchers for the winners and to BASC for the Game bag for our winner.

The draw raised £62 for Dog A.I.D.

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