A.V.OPEN SPANIEL (Ex Cocker) 4th December at Tregynon.

A lovely crisp, bright day for our last trial this season on the Heath. Also, the last trial for our hard-working secretary Dave Bishop who is passing on the reins to Nick Powell. Dave has been our secretary for 10 years and has organised some super trials, good ground, excellent judges and all the organisation sorted behind the scenes but we won’t be letting all his experience go as he will still stay on our committee to help and advise, a huge thanks to Dave from usual.

1.TREGEREST LUCKY, Aubrey Ladyman.


3.MEGANS BROOK,  Michael Soroka.

4. SHELLSPOON TIME TO SHINE, Andrew Faulkner. 

GUNS CHOICE Presidents Award BARACUDWEN MINTY, Richard Wells.

The trial was by kind invitation of James Shearer and the day was very ably run by young Jack Shearer.

Judges Carl Colclough and Steve Roberts had travelled a long way but were rewarded by some excellent dog work on this super ground of rushes, bracken and white grass with patches of gorse with game coming to hand for each dog in good order.

Winners were decided after the judges called for a run off for the top awards. Thanks to the guns, the usual suspects joined by Ken Jones today, who all shot exceedingly well for the dogs so that we were finished in good time.

Thanks to all the helpers and to stewards Grace Brown,Nick Powell and to our sponsors “Skinners.”.

Thanks Jane and Gill for their great work parting people from their money, the raffle raised £43 for our charity.

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