Annual Retriever Novice and Open Working Test

Annual Retriever Novice and Open Working Test went ahead on Saturday 7th April, at the Walford Campus of the North Shropshire Agricultural College near Shrewsbury, despite the recent heavy rain and flooding. The adverse conditions providing several challenges in the week  leading up to the Test as well as on the day.

Thanks to Paul Tranter (Shoot Captain) for your help with the ground.

We had 4 tests for each class. Those competing in the Novice had particularly challenging wet conditions with very heavy rain. The Open fared slightly better as the rain eased off.

Thank you to our Judges for their dedication to the sport …………..standing  for several hours without shelter. Changes of clothing at lunchtime were the order of the day! Mr Tim Brain  Ms Clare Wood  Mr Leigh Jackson  Mr Warren Jones

Thank you to our HELPERS who made the day possible ……. again some of them standing in the driving rain for several hours.

The heroes were :- Malcolm Awty  (Chief Steward)

Paul Tranter, Sarah Cox, Lyn Wall, Helen Roberts, Kim Dutton, Morwenna Crossley, Wendy Manning, Mark Bullock, Patrick Awty, Chris Wall, Adrian and George Joint, Cheryl Jones, Jayne Day, and Linda, Matt and Peter from the Walford Shoot, Grace and  Chris Brown, Fran Gosling.

A huge thank you to them because without them there would not be a Test!

We had some worthy winners.  Congratulations .


1st   Mike Cox, Casheath Sloeberry Spirit, Lab D            (Judges Choice)

2nd  Richard Kershaw, Waterygate Sydney, Lab D

3rd  Judith White, Minstead Costello, Lab B

4th   Christopher Pilkington, Shadeoak Major, Lab D

COM David Field, Ravenvalley Kite of Artistryn, Lab D

COM Christine Peers, Pinedale Sage, GR  D (Best Water Retrieve)



1st Nicola Reynolds, Waysgreen Comet, Lab D  (Judges Choice/Best Retrieve)

2nd Suzanne Bailye, Artistryn Usha ,Lab B

3rd Victoria Stanley, Minstead Maigret, Lab B

4th Dave Field, Artistryn Ulrich, Lab D

COM Clare Baker, The Windbreakwhisper of Arcklebear, Lab B

COM  Richard Kershaw, Waterygate Sydney, Lab D


Thanks to our sponsors, Skinners Pet Foods , Walford Shoot, Woodside Medical Practice for the printing and all the competitors for supporting  Shropshire Gundog Society.

The raffle raised a magnificent £168 for our charity “Therapy Dogs”.

A Successful Wet Day!!!!!

Gill Awty Working Test Secretary.

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