Annual Retriever Novice and Open Working Test

Our Annual Retriever Novice and Open Working Test was held on Saturday 22nd April at the Walford Campus of the North Shropshire Agricultural College near Shrewsbury. I would like to thank Mr Paul Tranter Shoot Captain of the Walford Syndicate for liaising with the College and for sponsoring our use of the grounds.

It’s has wonderfully varied terrain with woods , water and large areas of grassland. The weather was kind to us giving almost perfect conditions and we were able to run 8 different tests over the day.

Our thanks to the Judges Mr Kevin Brady, Mr Graham Bird, Ms Angela Cooper and Mr Garry Ellison and the Chief Stewards Mr Warren Jones and Dr Malcolm Awty.

We were fortunate to have many helpers which ensured that the day ran smoothly and on time…………..not always easy to achieve.

Grace Brown, Chris Brown, Paul Tranter, Adrian Joint, Peter Joint,  Caroline Davies,  Sarah Cox, Fran Gosling, Jayne Day, Maureen Bullock, Mark Bullock, Helen Roberts, Caroline Beddell,  Allen Shore and Nigel ,Vic, Simon and Ross from the Walford Shoot.


A huge thank  you to them because without them there would not be a Test!


1st Dave Clayton            Klato Firefly (Lab)   Judges Choice/Best Water retrieve

2nd  Paul Brown              Tennellers Freya of Fenway (lab)

3rdMr David Boardman  Ribbleside Real McCoy (Lab)

4th Sally Plant                   Flashmount Cracket (lab)

C0M Dannielle Turton    Stokes of George at Ashwynd (Lab)

CoM Kim Dutton              Shadyacres Teardrop (Lab)

CoM Ian Glover                 Bearbrace Gloviean (lab)

Best Flatcoat                    Stephanie Hurstfield   Stac Polly



1st Victoria Stanley          FTCH Patanavac Brough  (Lab)  Judges Choice

2nd Carol Probert             Turpinggreen Acuna of Corsemaizie  (lab)

3rd Ian Glover                    Mistigris Cabe (lab)

4th Harvey Jones              Ty Newydd (lab)

CoM David Ross                Marvellous Mossey (lab )

CoM Kim Dutton               Shadyacres Teardrop (lab)


Best Water Retrieve          Victoria Stanley    Minstead  Maigret (lab)

Best Flatcoat                      Keith Aldred           Donascimento Santos

Thanks to our sponsor Skinners Pet Food and Walford Shoot and all the competitors for supporting  Shropshire Gundog Society. The raffle raised a magnificent £156 for our charity “National Association of Search and Rescue Dogs”.






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