Working Test for Spaniels

AV Spaniel Spring Working Test.

Held at Stapleton, Shrewsbury by kind permission of Mr Kevan & Mrs Joy Fox.

Both tests were well supported at this excellent new venue. It was held in a large wood with thick ground cover of brambles and fallen trees, testing the hunting ability of the Springers, Cockers and Clumbers to the maximum.The weather was good, dry and minimal wind.

Thank you to our judges Mr Kevin Powell, and Mr Lee Cooper, who were very sympathetic and helpful in their comments to all competitors.


1. Boundarymoor Dai Off Limits (ESS D) Norman Vernon.

2. Warton Lady (ESS B) Chris Dearden.

3. Boggwater Charlton Star of Onecote (ESS D) Dave Gallimore.

4. Bishwell Berwyn (ESS D) Graham Evans.

COM’s  Venaticus Ivan (Clumber D) James Darley, Gannofell Truth Will Out (ESS B) Val Brookes, Poolgreen Chrunch (Cocker D) Matthew Quatrello, Boundarymoor Druid (ESS D) Nick Powell, Rootytwo Rocket (Cocker B) Lindsay Corbett, Coton Rosie (ESS B) Michael Marginson.


1.Boundarymoor Dinky (ESS B) Nick Powell.

2. Westonway Gambler (ESS D) Steve Fricker.

3. Buccleuch Implex Off Limits (ESS D) Norman Vernon.

4. Ladecourt Ventura (ESS D) Paul Woodcock.

COM’s Lisburne Judy (Cocker B), Rosebay Opel (ESS) Paul Wookcock, Bohemiam Beau (Cocker D) Elizabeth Solven.

Thanks also to the helpers and committee on the day. Once again a big thank you to our sponsors Skinners.

A raffle was also held on the day raising a fantastic £84.00 for our charity “Midlands Air Ambulance”.


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