The trial was held at Tregynon, Powys by kind invitation of Mr James Shearer, the day was blustery and cool on the bracken heath, but the rain kept off.

Judges, Mr Steve Wanstall and Mr Jeff Rayner, commended the high standard of the winning dogs.

Awards :-

1.GLENCAMBUS GREY LADY Bitch owned by David Thomson who was delighted that this made her up to a Ft Ch (subject to KC approval)

2.HELMSWAY HOPE Bitch owned by Ian English.

3. ESGOB ESTEEM Dog owned by Will Clulee.

4. BROOKFERN BREEZE Bitch owned by P Williams.

COM and Guns choice TALYCLUN CALYPSO Bitch owned by Roger Shepherd.

COM ROSEBAY HARVEY Dog owned by David Moore.

The team of guns, Jonathon South, Ken Jones, Rob Bell and Ben Shreeve shot very well, with retrieves for every dog from the abundance of pheasants and the trial was completed in good time.

Thanks to helpers Jane Holmes, Gill Awty and Greg Burgess and our sponsors “Skinners”.

The raffle raised £37 for our charity.OpenESSTrial15

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