Annual AV Retriever Novice and Open Working Test

Our Annual AV Retriever Novice and Open Working Test was held on Saturday 16th May
at the Wood Farm Codsall by kind permission of Mr Francis Yates.

Great ground and great weather. The ground did prove challenging for many of the dogs
as the cover was fairly heavy in places with a mixture of bramble, bracken and fallen trees.

However It was dry with sunshine and clouds and a good breeze for scenting. Almost
perfect conditions. We had an exceptional entry this year and thanks to good judging and
stewarding the day ran smoothly.

Our thanks to the judges Mr Steve Richardson, Mr Tim Brain , Mr Philip Smithies and Mr
Garry Ellison and The Chief Steward Mr Warren Jones .

We were fortunate to have many helpers some of whom had travelled quite some distance
to be with us.
Grace Brown, Chris Brown, Jean Fisher , Robert Fisher, Sarah Cox, David Robertson,
Rachel Holt, Fran Gosling, Chris Hewison, Jane Holmes, Paul Tranter, Julie Shaw, Harry
Shaw, Malcom Awty, Dee Long.

A huge thanks to them because without them there would not be a test.


  • 1st Mr D K Lewis Jarailstar Copper (also trophy Judges choice)
  • 2nd Mr Bob Clay Shangarrilyn Monty of Oncote
  • 3rd Mr James Murphy Mastertouch Flash
  • 4th Mr Lee Howells Jealous Noir
  • Com Mr W Williams Heronsbrooke Night Owl
  • Com MrsJ Owen Muggleswick Cha Cha of Marianbach
  • Best Flatcoat Mrs Stephanie Hurstfield Stac Poly

NoviceRet 15


  • 1st Mr B Kelly Ravenstar Dillon
  • 2nd Mr R H Jones Minstead Ace
  • 3rd Nicola Reynolds ( trophies Judges Choice and Best Retrieve)
  • Com Mr Bob Clay Cuttlestone Othello of Oncote
  • Com Mr Matthew Ager Spinnakeu Steffi
  • Best Flatcoat Mrs Rachel Holt Croftcloses Lucrative Boy

Thanks to our sponsors Skinners Pet Food, Balfours Estate Agents, Columb & Gosling
Accountants and Tanners Wine Merchants.
We were also fortunate to have Caro from with us. Many of
the pictures have been uploaded onto their website and more will follow.
This is my first year and first event as Retriever Working Test Secretary.………thank you
for all the positive comments that I’ve received about the day. See you at the next SGS
Gill Awty

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