The trial was held at Tregynon, Powys by kind invitation of Mr James Shearer who was commended on the quality of the ground by all participants.

Judges were Mr Steve Russell and Mr Dave Bishop.

The day was dry but overcast when we started out over acres of good bracken cover for hunting and the pheasant were abundant throughout the whole day.

The team of guns, Jonathon, Jim, Martin and Ken produced good retrieves for every dog, even bagging a rabbit.


Awards :-

1st Dave Templar with Brynfedi Adel of Countryways (this giving him his Ft Ch title).

2nd Dave Anderson with Marshwood Kimberly.

3rd Adrian Slater with Condor Green Tom.

4th Viv Thomas Handling J Smith’s Jade Little Gem

COMs Chris Woolnough with Springervall Rosie Girl and J R Cook with Ft Ch Kenmar Dervla.


Thanks to stewards Jane Holmes and Grace Brown and our sponsors “Skinners”. The raffle raised £27 towards Medical Detection Dogs.

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