Training Classes – Report & Winners.

Training classes were held by kind permission of Lord Hamilton at Beckbury and were well supported on the new time of Wednesday evenings.

It was good to see that all the dogs received a Pass on the assessment night and eight out of the twenty-three had a Pass with Merit.

Congratulations go to the following who had best in their group:

Beginner Retriever

Del Shelley and Hawk (Flatcoat).

Intermediate Retriever

Julie Shaw and Inca (Labrador).

Beginner Spaniel –

Lindsay Reynolds and Jura (Cocker).

Intermediate Spaniel

Tony Morgan and Bob (Cocker).


There was a good mix of breeds in both the Spaniels and the Retrievers and the weather was kind to us right up to the last session which proved slightly damp.

Skinners kindly sponsored goody bags for all attendees and Certificates for the end of term assessment, thank you to Skinners for their continued support and sponsorship.

The biggest thanks of all to our trainers Warren Jones and Gill Awty who put the handlers and dogs through their paces each week imparting their experience and enthusiasm.

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