OPEN AV RETRIEVER TRIAL, Checkley Wood, November 2013

To Download a copy of the results, visit the Results page.

The Open Field Trail took place at Checkley Wood by invitation of Ivor Beavis, with a full card of 12 Labradors.

The weather was dull with light drizzle as the first dogs in line walked up Partridge and Pheasant in a root crop.

Judges Keith Bellamy, Derek Capel, Glenys Caldwell and Laura Hill saw some tricky retrievers on long birds and over a stream.

After lunch the remaining dogs moved onto hedgerows with some birds tucking in and proving elusive. The winning dog performed a long retrieve direct to the fall of a running bird, then working out the cover, to return with a lively cock bird. 

 1st place was awarded to John Halstead with DRAKESHEAD VINCE.

The only other award of 2nd place went to David Latham with FtCh DELFLEET NEON OF FENDAWOOD.

Thanks to our Sponsors Skinners and to Nick Beavis the keeper.

The raffle raised £58 for our charity” Guide Dogs”.


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