Open Spaniel Trial – Report


November 2013

The trial was held at Halston Hall, Nr Oswestry by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs Rupert and Harriet Harvey, on a crisp, sunny day.

Judges were Mr Dave Anderson and Mr Dave Bishop.

The Two Daves

Judges, Dave Anderson & Dave Bishop

Chief Steward for the day Caroline Davies started the first dogs off in line in the good cover through woods and the pheasant were presented in good order by keeper Ian Morris, so all dogs had the chance to show their retrieving skills.

The judges were able to award 1st to 4th and 2 COM’s.

1st Ken Hiley with Rheastmooar Peppa

Ken Hiley and Rheastmooar Peppa

1st for Ken Hiley and Rheastmooar Peppa

2nd Nick Powell with Boundarymoor Pearl

3rd Mrs Sam Fullwood with Hattonwood Speckle

4thAlistair Ross with Ft.Ch. Shalloakwest Stag .

COM’s Mr E Burton with Chinachgook Ezzoud Pibwlwyd and Steve Russell with Rydalue Kaleidoscope.

The event was sponsored by Skinners Petfoods and the raffle raised £50 towards Guide Dogs.

Thanks to all for attending.

Open Sp Field Trial 13

Competitors at the Open Spaniel Field Trial Nov 2013


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