NOVICE AV RETRIEVER TRIAL, Checkley Wood, October 2013

Over 70 nominations had been received for the Novice Field Trail and the 12 successful dogs in the draw gathered at Checkley Wood by invitation of Ivor Beavis, there were 10 Labradors, 1 Golden Retriever and a Flatcoat.

The weather had been very wet overnight so the plan to work partridge in roots was changed to some narrow wooded areas alongside a field of harvested beans where there were plenty of pheasants.

After completing the first runs under judge’s John Drury, Terry Dukes, Roger Wiggins and Mike Allen several dogs had put themselves out due to inexperience and handler misjudgement.

Four dogs were taken to a second run and they were well tested on some sprightly running birds and long retrieves. The winning dog performed a stunning long retrieve right down the line of the spectators completed by a text book delivery.

1st place was awarded to Roz Mcllroy and her yellow lab dog AUTUMNWILLOW SCOUT.

The only other award was a Certificate of Merit to Mr A J Griffiths with black lab dog BOBS BLACK STORM OF GOSTWYCK.

Thanks to our Sponsors Skinners and to Nick Beavis the keeper.

The raffle raised £55 for our charity ”Guide Dogs”.

Click on the pictures below to see a photo of the two winners and also some of the guns who attended.

GunsatRetTrial13 WinnersOct13

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